Crossing of Cultures

Two cultures living under the same roof…

Month: October 2016

Camping with a Bear Lover Can Be Dangerous

OMG, This story is both scary and hilarious.  My Moroccan husband wants to see and do everything in the United States.  So, we’ve taken a lot of road trips, vacations, weekend trips to start the process of seeing everything (I really don’t blame him, because I want to see and do everything in Morocco when I visit).

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Should I Take His Name?

So, one of the most wonderful things I have come across in his Moroccan (Islamic) culture is the woman keeping her surname when she gets married.

The first time I came across this realization that Moroccan woman keep their family name, I was baffled. I really didn’t know what to think.  So, I began looking for an explanation on why American women so easily give away their name and take on the husband’s surname when they get married.

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To Fill or not to Fill the Tank (with gasoline)

This story is about gasoline or petrol like they would say in Morocco.  As you know, even the smallest things become the longest standoffs in a cross cultural marriage.  The first time I went for gasoline with my husband it was strange, but I didn’t think anything of it.   Every time we needed to use the car, we would have to stop at the gas station to get little bit of gas that we would be needing for the outing. Most Americans don’t take the time to do that.

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