So, I’m not a professional writer, but I have some funny stories that have been dying to get out.

I am an American and my husband is Moroccan.  We have had many miss-steps and many, many lively discussions about my way is better than your way.

But the truth, there is no better way, just a different way of looking at the world.

My stories will be a mix of cultural differences, personal stories, and maybe even a little religious antidotes.

The main reason I write these stories is because some people take life a little too seriously.

We will all go through differences of opinions, disagreements, and struggles, but can you look back on those times and laugh about how stupid you all were in the midst of a tense situation.

Life should be full of laughter,  fun and good times.   We need to change those bad times into hilarious stories, and help others to do the same.