This story is about gasoline or petrol like they would say in Morocco.  As you know, even the smallest things become the longest standoffs in a cross cultural marriage.  The first time I went for gasoline with my husband it was strange, but I didn’t think anything of it.   Every time we needed to use the car, we would have to stop at the gas station to get little bit of gas that we would be needing for the outing. Most Americans don’t take the time to do that.


They fill up their gas tanks full, and they use it until it’s 1/2 to 1/4 empty, and then they fill it again. Americans usually never leave it empty (unless of course you are a teenager and only have couple of dollars to your name and you put it in the gas tank).   For a long time after my husband and I were married I had discussions with him about why he should fill his tank up. Some of the reasons were that gasoline can have dirt in it and it settles in the bottom, and if you go all the way to empty, this “dirty fuel” gets pumped in the cars system. And you can get stranded when you run out of gas (petrol)

Even when we would go on a long trip to Missouri to see my family (12 hour trip), he still would not fill the gas tank up, and we have almost been stranded on the highway many times, because we could not find a gas station anywhere, because we were in the middle of nowhere.

Early on in our marriage, because of this avertion to filling up the gas tank, he did run out of gas at least 3 times.  And who had to either go get him, or help him get gas?….you are right- me.


However, as recently as last week, my husband offered his car to me, and I thought that was awesome, because my AC wasn’t working great.  As I was driving the girls to school, I looked down and there was only 12 miles until empty.   I had to drop off my eldest and then find a gas station in an area I was unfamiliar.    I can’t lie, I began to have a panic attack.  My daughter still with me said “mom, take some deep breaths, and you will be ok.” By the time I found a gas station, I had only five gallons to empty.  So, if you have the means to fill up your gas station, it only makes since to keep it fairly full, so running out of gas doesn’t have to happen to a loved one.  When I did put gas into the car, I filled it up just to spite him.  Of course, it made no  difference to him, because it makes perfect since to do it his way.

Watch out for Gas


His reasoning sounds logical, but not very practical. He knows exactly where every dollar is going from his paycheck, so he will wait until he needs gas to spend the money.

After six years of this situation, he is getting better. He has actually added $15 worth of gas sometimes, instead of the normal $8. His car has really good gas mileage, and so why add gas if it will go for a few days back and forth from work with the $8 dollars in it. Its sounds logical, right?

Make sure you add your funny stories about gasoline or similar stories, I would love to hear them.