OMG, This story is both scary and hilarious.  My Moroccan husband wants to see and do everything in the United States.  So, we’ve taken a lot of road trips, vacations, weekend trips to start the process of seeing everything (I really don’t blame him, because I want to see and do everything in Morocco when I visit).

Well, one of our trips were to the Black Rock Mountain State Park in Georgia.  We decided we would go camping.  We have camped before and each time it is getting easier, but there are some things I just don’t want to do on a camping trip.  Like: meeting or having an encounter with any kind of Bear.

Well, when we arrived at our campsite, the couple that is in charge of checking us into the camp site, decided to show us that a bear had recently been in our campsite, and they showed us a video.  So, that began my husband’s mission on how to meet a bear, and see one in person.

That day at camp, my husband decided to put honey on a tree near by, and he threw some candy near the base of that tree.  Even though, the campsite couple specifically told us to not keep any food at the campsite, and to dispose of any waste in the cement building near the bathroom, to keep everyone safe.

We went on with our day, but my husband was always acutely aware that he was attracting his bear to himself.  Well, after the day was through, and the night fell, we went into our tent to play some games before we slept.

We had taken our dogs with us, and one of them began to growl and howl at something outside our tent.  Fear  paralyzed us  for a minute, but then we had to decide what to do.  My husband began frantically apologizing for putting us at risk.  It was quite funny.

After many moments, I made him go outside to see what was out there, and to face his bear.  He just couldn’t go out there alone, so I also went outside to see that the bear looked like.  We crept outside slowing, and then we saw something moving in the woods just outside our camping site.  WE FROOZE.

But it only was a raccoon, not a bear. Thank God.

So, the moral of the story is that Moroccans don’t have many wild animals to run into when they are camping, so they sort of lose their senses when they camp in America.  They don’t seem to care that there are real bears, and they are not fun to run into them in the woods.  They just want to see one.  I am absolutely glad that it was not meant for us to see one that day.

Leave your funny stories of how your cross cultural marriage has put you all in wild predicaments, because of their curiosity.